Tuesday, December 27, 2011

obsession : pointed toe heels

Ever since seeing the Olsens in real life, I've fallen in love with their love for verging-on-spikey toed heels.  After scouring the internet (for WEEKS) to find a photo of the leopard pumps Ashley wore to the Row fashion show and coming up dry, I've given up.  But those girls have some amazing shoes.  Maybe a nice quality pair of not-too-high and not-too-spikey pointed pumps are in my near future.

 So cool.

Despite the discomfort, a great pointed toe shoe does wonders for your leg - though best done in a heel, as you will have that "extra room" at the end where your toes really don't go and no one wants their feet to look bigger (especially me).  

Maybe this will be my first I-have-a-job purchase.

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  1. The olsen twins look gorgeous in those type of heels because the are very petite and those shoes add a real edge to their look. I kind of 'know' the Olsens for their smart choice in foot wear ;)



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