Saturday, November 19, 2011

wishlist : winter wardrobe

Gorgeous shearling coat from Mikkat MarketPerfect left open and casual and for those layering days!

Marled camp socks from J Crew would look create scrunched down with booties or peeking over the tops of tall caramel riding boots.

The ideal Rachel Sweater - dolman sleeves, shorter in the front and longer in the back, deep v-neck, and mushroomy gray color.

Been dying for a pair of leopard flats for months now.

Nubar's Prism shade in "Jewel" is sparkly and warm, perfect for winter.

Craving the holidays so I can dress for them again (hello, 60 to 70 degree November weather that's been really strange).  Hmm.  Everything on this list seems to be some shade of brown! 


  1. I can afford the nail polish and the socks.... the shearling coat is sold out!! (it was surprisingly affordable). The Rachel sweater and the leopard shoes are awesome with awesomely high price tags. You will have to make that sweater during your spring quarter.

  2. I am drawn straight to the socks - they are utterly perfectly! I hope you manage to acquire at least one thing off this list to make you happy! xx

  3. Haha well lucky for you the two things you mentioned that you can afford are on my list! :)

  4. I love the jacket!!!! it looks very comfy!!


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