Wednesday, December 28, 2011

winter break projects

Having acquired a lovely bag of fabric from New York, I have some projects to catch up on.  Here is what I plan on making with some of it!

 A few months ago I tried on this top on the left from Zara.  It, however, had a large pen mark on it that would never come out (and they refused to mark down the price for me).  I tried it on in a large, which surprisingly ended up being the perfect loose button-down.  I have abandoned the idea of recreating the gathered collar in favor of a more classic shirt collar, but will be using the same slightly buttery white color (silk) and tiny mother of pearl buttons.  I plan to do the blouse with a subtly scooped hem and longer length, like Chiara's shirt on the right, so wear with skinny jeans or to blouse out of a skirt or shorts.

I've been obsessed with this sweater ever since Carol posted about it (by Rag & Bone).  The texture and shape are great.  I have a nubby black and white wool knit that would make a great "sweater tee" - either that or something looser and secured with a decorative clasp.

More to come soon!

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