Saturday, September 10, 2011

the row spring 2012 - and what i worked on

This summer I had a really unique, amazing opportunity to work with The Row.  Sam, my boss for my internship with her bridal design, tailors for photo shoots and fashion week on the side.  When she was asked to work with The Row for preparing up until fashion week, that meant I got to come along.

It was a lot of hard work - probably the hardest, hands-on work I've ever done.  My fingers bled (but NOT onto any of the clothing thank goodness) and I was up for 36 hours straight the other night for the show (my call time was 5:30 AM) but I wouldn't have traded what I've learned or done for anything. 

Sam and I worked on the handwork for the sample pieces.  This meant any piece that needed hand stitching was sent to us - they have an incredible team of seamstresses and tailors, but with all the crunch time down to the show they need some extra hands so the seamstresses can stay on the machines garment after garment, and send the slower handwork to us to keep things flowing.  Here is the whole show; I will include photos of the garments I worked on specifically.  I don't have photos of every garment I helped with, but I will include descriptions!

 Sewed the buttons on the jacket on the right; altered the buttonholes to fit the buttons best.

 Worked on closures for the jacket on the right.

 Hemmed the pants on the right, and attached the tassles into the waist ties.

 Hand stitched seams on the inside of the right jacket.  

 Basted (prep stitching) embroidered ruffle piece to dress.

 Hand stitched button piece to lining; filled out button embroidering; altered length of straps.

 Filled in beading along all seams in jacket and kaftan; adjusted zipper in jacket; hand stitched lining in skirt; replaced missing beads.


  1. This is amazing! Its so interesting to hear all this from an insiders view!

  2. How exquisite!

    Now we can finally see what you've been working on! The pieces are even better than I could have imagined. And all readers of your blog are so lucky to see the runway shots along with the CLOSE-UPS!

    Where were you during the show?

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Finally the post i've been dying to see!! This collection looks amazing and your hard work...i hope you got compensated well. You did a wonderful job. I'm just at awe how much work goes into stitching and embroidering. I feel lucky to be your reader! Your poor hands need a great vacation after the show!

  4. It's like the Red Dress bow... TIMES A MILLION ZILLION!


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