Wednesday, August 3, 2011

ann taylor LOFT photo shoot

Last Thursday, I got to tag along to the Ann Taylor LOFT photo shoot for their next campaign!  It was a rather calm shoot, as nothing ended up needing alteration, so I was able to sit back and observe the behind-the-scenes acts of setting up.

 Catered food!  And a view of the "wardrobe" van from the street.

 The accessories (already see a scarf I want - on the right, in eggplant) and all the vans lined up on the street.


 The front, and fitting the male models in their Givenchy suits.  (After their fitting I caught them all eating bacon in the catering tent).

 Unrelated, but I was knitting with this during the shoot.  Lovely, no?  And fitting one of our female models.  The first scene was shot in a cute restaurant across the street called "Blaue Gans" (the blue goose).

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