Wednesday, August 3, 2011

andrew visits me in brooklyn!!

Ok, so the real reason I haven't updated in a while - I had a visitor this weekend!  My boyfriend Andrew flew in from Cincinnati on Thursday evening for a four-day vacation in Brooklyn to explore, eat, and hang out.

Our weekend included a picnic in Prospect Park, brunch in Williamsburg with Sam and her husband Mark, visiting the Brooklyn Flea Market, touring the garment district to see Mood and Muji (adorable Japanese version of IKEA but much smaller and much cuter), a fancy night out to dinner, and a two-course brunch before parting ways.  It was perfect!  Here are some food pictures, since that's what I do:

 This is Andrew!  We went to Naruto Ramen to order ... ramen!  Mine was in a miso broth with corn, chives, bean sprouts, bamboo shoots, noodles, and this amazing pork that just melted in your mouth.

 Dinner at Sotto Voce!  I will be trying to recreate my dish - fusilli with smoked salmon and zucchini in a pink sauce.  Andrew had pollo portobello in a brandy cream sauce.  Both were amazing!

 Can you tell we love food?  Poached eggs in salsa verde with heirloom tomatoes and baguette; herbed potatoes and a roasted red pepper omelette.

 Our two-course brunch - I got prosciutto, melon and balsamic figs, and then smoked salmon focaccia with poached eggs.  Amazing! 

And, of course, us!


  1. All this food is making me hungry! Look so yummmm. You and Andrew look so happy and cute together here.

  2. hmm yummmy, looks fantastic!

    i lvoe japanese food. i am now following your nice blog :)



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