Friday, August 5, 2011

christopher kane fall 2011 rtw

Christopher Kane is one of my favorite designers.  Why?  Nude lace and spandex with neon zippers and galaxy prints, to start.  However this just skyrockets him even further up my favorites list.

 Ladies and gentleman, those are granny squares.

Reminiscent of rainbow-patchwork acrylic blankets of the 1970s, these looks are anything but.  The models look chic and modern, and the smart use of color and symmetry keeps the crocheted squares (and printed leather) from looking kitschy.  (May I also add those zig-zags on the last dress are those plastic squishy tunnels filled with sparkly liquid that you play with?  Check out the rest of the collection to really see them better.)

This is a hard thing to make look cool.  I might, might just pick up my old crochet hook now that's sitting in my room beneath a pile of the more popular knitting needles I use.


  1. These remind me of Tavi Gevinson's style, hahaha. So that leathery-looking skirt is actually a print?

  2. Hahaha yes :) and it is a print! Genius to combine something like leather and crochet - yet keep the leather looking like crochet regardless.


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