Wednesday, August 3, 2011

preparing a gown for a shoot

Recently Sam sent off a few of her collection gowns to New York Magazine.  Twice a year, they have a special issue ... devoted just to weddings.  One of the dresses ended up being shot!  We don't know yet if it will be in the issue, but this is already pretty exciting.

Before sending the dress off to the shoot, we wanted to make sure each dress was perfect.  This meant checking each gown for a tag, loops, and finishing touches (even on the inside) to make sure nothing had come loose or was missing.  Here are some photos of the gown I worked on!

 Creating some loops for hanging (just make 4 loops of thread, tightly secured and not too loose, and blanket stitch across them).  These are handy for hanging strapless garments - the hanger loops used to hang them alone cause the front of the bodice to fall forward.  Place two loops in the front of the dress (like along a princess line) and slide the hanger loops through them.  Hangs nicely!

Sam and I have the same tags!  Mine are black with white writing.  (Good job mom!)

 Lining the bust cups with lace for a pretty, vintage finish.

 Adding a grosgrain ribbon to the edges.

 Check out the beautiful waist stay in the corset of the gown - used to keep the dress from sliding up or down the waist.

All ready to go!

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  1. IN.CRED.IBLE. It looks just like the one Taylor Swift wore in the video for 'Love Story'! I just can't get over how intricate the design is and how much skill and experience goes into creating it. In a way, it's a shame that amazing dresses such as these are more often than not only worn once - for the wedding day itself! I think someone should set up a wedding dress museum to showcase all of the talent that goes into creating them and to inspire the next generation of brides!

    Alexandra xx


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