Sunday, July 10, 2011

weekend updates

Hello everyone!  I hope you are having a nice weekend.  Sam is in LA for the weekend (to finish up fittings with Elle McPherson for a new reality fashion show) so I've had some time to work on my own little projects.

 I did some painting!  Those are sheer sleeves, of course.

I have also had time to finally tackle my knitting - decreasing in a lace pattern is difficult because every row will begin at a new point in the lace chart (this will make the most sense to any readers that knit).  So quite literally I will have to write out every row from here on out, and now that I've attempted a few rows and gotten them right I will be on my way knitting again!

 Sneak peaks mostly - you can see the hand-written rows (such a pain but fun, like a puzzle) and the elasticized ribbon I bought for it. 
And last weekend I made it up to Mood Fabrics to get some swatch ideas for my tailoring design of the moment (no buying fabric yet, since my ideas go bipolar sometimes).  I'm still playing with the brain scan idea, so the exterior of the coat will be in a blue-gray wool (like a steely slate color) with a vibrant orange-red lining.  I have always loved silk faille for its texture, so I want to use that as the lining fabric.  However, finding this in vibrant colors is proving difficult - I may need to dye it myself (which I would be more than happy to do!)

 Quick sketch I made for reference.  The top swatch is a camel hair wool, $30,00 a yard; the darker swatch is a wool cashmere blend that is $25,00 a yard.  In a perfect world, I do not want a textured wool - something more felted and flat, and brushed.  These are more color references.  I expect there to be more options as fall approaches.

Now for more knitting!  Have a good lazy Sunday everyone.


  1. I really LOVE the draws!! nice blog, i'm following you! :) xx

  2. Amazing painting! Love how you've managed to give the effect of sheer sleeves. The knitting really is coming along too - what a pain you have to write down all the rows! That's my trouble, I like easy patterns where I can sit down to watch the tv an just knit whereas if I want to knit something with a changing pattern I have to properly concentrate!


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