Tuesday, June 7, 2011

review : butter london in "all hail the queen"

I have been obsessed with this shade ever since I saw it on another beauty blog - but didn't want to risk ordering it online.  I was in ULTA today just looking (no intention of buying anything, I swear) and they had a brand new butter London shelf and I almost died - I didn't know you could find these in Cincinnati!  So I picked up two shades - I'll be posting the second one once I paint my nails again.

"All Hail the Queen", originally "All Hail McQueen" (why the name change?  McQueen deserves this color) is a warm nude with a subtly rosy base and some of the most beautiful glitteriness I've ever seen (why it hasn't been off my mind since I saw it first).  I couldn't believe it actually looked like that, so when I saw it in person today it was a done deal.

 Do you SEE that glitter?

Brand: butter London
Product: 3 Free Nail Lacquer
Shade: "All Hail the Queen"
Review: Overall I am really, really happy with this.  I've always had a "product crush" (is that what you would call it?) on butter London - not only is "butter" a sensational name for a nail polish brand but the packaging is just beautiful and simple to me.  The brush was nice on this - I prefer wider brushes (OPI's old brush) but this one worked very well.  The color comes out just like it looks in the bottle - one coat is a little sheer; I used two and the coverage is pretty good.  Drying time was normal.  I also believe this to be a ridiculously flattering shade; I have very pale skin and on me this is a nude that works beautifully.  On tanner girls I think the effect will be equally great, and on dark-skinned girls the rosiness will really pop.  So, I highly recommend this product!
Price: $18,00 (a little steep for nail polish, but I'll get a lot of wear out of this particular shade)
Wear: pretty decent; lasted about 3 days for me with minor chips - however this was the polish alone, I did not use a topcoat, so that I could test the actual polish strength.  I probably would have expected a little longer out of an $18,00 bottle but with no protection, it did pretty well in my opinion.

Anyone else like butter London?


  1. great minds do think alike...Just bought this color at my local Ulta here in TX and I can't wait to get my mani this weekend.

  2. Gorgeous colour! Love the slight sparkle...



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