Tuesday, June 7, 2011

obsession : pink and blue

I've never been fond of these two colors together.  In fact, I used to hate it.  But recently they've been growing on me (too many lolita pictures maybe).  But - gasp - my new sketchbook I bought myself for New York is green, and has blue and pink drawings on it.  Who am I?

 How are the realsies doing it?

 Source: chictopia

To avoid looking like you're going to an Easter gathering or a baby shower where the gender has yet to be announced, keep things mixed: think chambray or denim with lace, masculine with feminine.  However, an all-feminine outfit can work as well, and just as wonderfully.  Pastels can be beautiful together, even head-to-toe; accessorizing with black or metals can keep the look grounded and not too "baby".  I find this look to be especially appealing on porcelain skin tones - the all-pale is just so interesting.

I will be wearing pink and blue tomorrow!

Sources: many images that are not sourced came from tumblr and could not be traced - if you know where they come from just let me know!

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  1. I love this color combo....Thanks for the inspiration and great post!


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