Wednesday, June 8, 2011

obsession : mori girls

I'm on a Japanese subculture kick - but why stop?  It's interesting to learn about different styles.

After my sweet lolita post (which got a lot of comments!) I stumbled across Susie Bubble's post on mori girls (not the first Japanese subculture post I've seen recently - it must be a trending topic).  Mori girls (forest girls or in some cases but not all, dolly kei) fashion themselves in a similar lolita style but with a vintage inspiration taken from forest fairy tales like the Grimm stories. Many layers, earth tones, reds and greens, sweaters, laces, aprons, and rural pieces are used, some with longer silhouettes, some resembling the traditional lolita.  Vintage and handmade items are heavily stressed.  Doll-like looks are still very much important.

There is a much more natural element to the mori girls that isn't in sweet lolita!

To apply to your every day look, focus on layers - the layer of garments, the layering of cultures (Slovic, Native American, anything with history).  Calicos, embroidery, forest prints, reds and greens, horse motifs; all are easy ways to integrate this into your style.

 Source: chictopia

All images that are not sourced were untraceable from tumblr.  If you know the source, just let me know!

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