Thursday, June 9, 2011

review : butter london in "jaffa"

"Jaffa" is a hot coral shade leaning more towards orange than red.  It has an opaque consistency without shimmer.  As one of my trendy color obsessions at the moment, I couldn't resist picking this one up.

 The image on the left is the most color-accurate.

Brand: butter London
Product: 3 Free Nail Lacquer
Shade: "Jaffa"
Review: LOVE IT.  I will admit that I was a little worried after the first coat - two coats is definitely necessary.  One coat yields streaks and slight transparency and uneven tone, but two is absolutely opaque and the color is just brilliant.  Very easy application; the color is perfectly accurate to what you see in the bottle.  Wonderful shine.  I think this would yet again be a very flattering color on all skin tones - corals look wonderful on everyone, and on my pale skin the neon really glows.  On chocolate brown skin I think this would be gorgeous.  If this is a little bright for your tastes, think of this color as a summer alternative to red - a little lighter, a little daring, but still wearable.
Price: $18,00 (again, a little steep, but if you love this color then I say go for it)
Wear: I will let you know!  I will be using a topcoat on this one (American Apparel clear).

Would you wear this neon coral shade?

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