Monday, April 4, 2011

theyskens' theory spring 2011 rtw

In a simple statement, from my friend Elizabeth, you can pretty much sum up this entire collection:

"How perfect is Theyskens' Theory?"

Everything in this collection is smart.  The cut (from the range of narrow to wide legged pants, and shirts with slits up the side for tucking in either the front, or the back, or both) to the color pairing (black and white, navy and deep evergreen, heather gray and denim), the collection boasts a wearability that keeps a designer status.  And because most of the looks are comprised of separates, it makes for an even smarter collection.

The perfect way to ease into the all-white trend - black jacket, black shoes

Oversize wide-legged trousers paired with a cropped swingy top - the teeny peek of skin between the trousers and shirt balance out the proportions, as well as the bare arms

Delicate straps and diaphanously light layers keep this looking daytime

The sheer pocket detail transforms a little black dress into something exciting

Notice the subtle extra set of straps 

Crisp suiting contrasts excitingly with a sports wear play on lingerie

Another example of perfect proportion, and flattering color pairing - 3 varying shades of gray

A perfect t-shirt (yes, when you buy designer t-shirts you get what you pay for, and there is a difference)

I love the subtleties here - the slight warm and lustrous hue of the blouse and the extra long cuff, paired with matte cropped black pants

Lingerie has been a huge trend in "everyday clothing" and this is a wonderfully wearable way to do it;  notice how this dress can be for evening, or just as easily worn during the day

A tiny cropped jeweled vest breaks this outfit up into visually complementary pieces

Denim looking new again and proving that cropped on top and bottom can work together, when balanced by long sleeves and high necklines

A lot of designers for spring have been working with denim, all-black, and all-white dressing.  However, making all three of these trends look right together can be a difficult balancing act, and making them look wearable is even harder.  Often times we are shown looks from the runway that demonstrate a beautiful outfit, but if we were to put this on someone straight off the street they would look out of place.  However here, whole looks or separate pieces can be used. 

And thank goodness denim cropped pants aren't obsolete. 


  1. so glad you made a post about this, some times I can't stop thinking about this collection (a bit sad, no?)

    and speaking of cropped pants, the cropped pant in that leather... like magic. I start to wonder why no one has thought of these things before

  2. I can't stop thinking about it now either, it's contagious.

    And I agree. They seriously are an ingenious combination. Speaking of cropped things, I need to start wearing my cropped leather jacket more!

    I've also become obsessed with cropped jeans. Obsessed.


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