Thursday, February 17, 2011

donna karan fall 2011 rtw

I think neutrals can be really interesting, when done this way: layered in slightly varying shades, texturized, and offset with a pop of something metallic or bright.

That being said, you must look at Donna Karan's fall 2011 show, ASAP (as one of my friends said to me!) Everything about this show is beautifully executed, from start to finish and from big picture to detail. The show is rather thoughtfully named "Pearls of Wisdom". Though critics say the collection lacked a "spark", I think Donna gorgeously captured a more feminine way to wear the neutral trend that doesn't tend toward minimalistic or futuristic one bit.

The jewelry was designed by Erickson Beamon. Just look at the details - the way the hoods are "wrapped" in with the necklaces, how fur melts into fabric, and how pools of light are captured in each carefully placed fold and drape.

Rather obviously, I love this show. The color palette is earthy yet ethereal, and the draping and pleating gives a nod back to Grecian fashion - about which, we learned in fashion history class, designers gravitate towards during a rough economy due to its simple accomplishment of both luxury and comfort. But no girl suffering from this economy would be found wearing Erickson Beamon pearls and DK. But, you know. Details.

On an unrelated note, I bought a poppy red, pale blue, white, black and green floral print today to make a "picnic" dress out of. More info on that later.


  1. These are the type of neutrals I would actually wear! Because the tailoring is so perfect the different garments flow over the models. I still prefer the greyish hues to the metallic, bronze ones but I like the way the latter pieces are accessorised with simple strands of pearls.

    Alexandra Thérèse xx

  2. I couldn't agree more. The pears are just so perfect with it. And I too am more of a silvery greyish neutral person.


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