Saturday, February 19, 2011

to share, issue #002

Happy Saturday everyone! I hope you are all having a good weekend so far.

To show you: You have got to read through this guy's entire blog. It won't be a chore, either. For a new year's resolution (last year I believe), he vowed to learn to sew. And he did! He now makes his own button-downs, jeans, and apparently now, even more than that. You can really learn a lot about how jeans are made by watching some videos he posts (which are amazing - look at the machinery!) and the photos he takes of his own work. This inspires me to give jeans another shot. While you're on a roll, watch this video on shoe-making (or all of them, or the summary of all of them). Can you see why nice shoes cost a lot now? Still making faces at Louboutin price tags? Well ok, so am I, but at least it's a slightly more understanding wrinkled-nose face.

To tell you: I am reading a book right now called In Defense of Food by Michael Pollan. I wasn't really interested at the time of required reading (English class, freshman year) but since my interest in nutrition has peaked I thought I'd come back to it. And I'm glad I did. I'm only two chapters in, but I thought I'd share an interesting tidbit of information: At one time, the recommended portion of calories from free sugars in our diet was 25%. This seems really high! However, according to the World Health Organization, it should have been only 10%. So how did this happen? The US sugar lobby threatened Congress to cut WHO funding unless the organization got off their backs. Makes you wonder what happens behind the scenes every time there is a new version of the food pyramid released.

To acquaint you: My sister, last night, was telling me how much she loves my bedroom, then said "it's so you". It doesn't have any paint on the walls, no decorations really, so I didn't really know what she meant. Then she clarified that just by looking around my room at the things inside of it, you could really get to know the person that I am. Interesting! Looking around my room, it can definitely tell you some things about myself ... I have two stuffed rabbits sitting on my bed. I have always loved stuffed animals, and Brown Bun (the obvious elder of the two, given the fur appearance) has been mine since birth, thus igniting my love for rabbits instantly. If you look in my fridge and freezer, you'll find baby spinach, almond milk, hummus, Greek yogurt, golden flax seeds, organic dark chocolate (with orange!), frozen chicken breast, vegan ice cream, edamame, and berries. Sitting on top of my fridge are pumpkin seeds, bananas, oranges, gummy vitamins, agave syrup, lentils (which I'm planning to sprout myself!), and those tasty sugar-coated fennel seeds you find at Indian restaurants (pink, white, orange, yellow). I think those are all very telling. My burgundy chair in the corner I can't sit in because it's covered in cook and bakeware. I have a rolled up tube of gold lambskin, a floral-print cotton, and a pile of metallic fabrics and black fabrics and various wools stashed on a bookshelf with assorted patternmaking books and illustration references. There is a little corner of that shelf devoted to sequins. On my dresser, I have a giant bowl of flowers that I wear in my hair, and beside that, a little army of nail polish (baby pink, metallic chrome, gold, and bronze, sparkly magenta, poppy red - always renditions of pinks, metallics, and reds). A large jewelry box sits behind all that. Nestled inside my empty, tiled-over fireplace is a crock pot, and lining the top of the hearth are (counting right now) 14 different teas and their boxes. A small Christmas tree with ornaments and lights still sits underneath my west-facing window. A box of chocolates and a pile of fashion magazines are piled on the end of my bed over a fleece blanket (atop a few more blankets). In my closet, you will find more American Apparel than you can shake a stick at.

Now of course when I say "give jeans another shot" I'll come out with something more like this. Baby steps. But isn't the volume on these perfect?

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