Tuesday, February 15, 2011

come support me!

On February 26th I will be participating in the Cincinnati Dance Marathon to raise money for pediatric cancer. The idea is that you dance - for 24 hours. Dance instructors will teach routines every few hours, they feed you, and you just have fun.

If you would like to support the cause, you can click here to sponsor me. Simply enter "Rachel Carleton" in the text box (I should be the only one - but if not, look for "Cincinnati" listed next to my name).

On April 16th, I will also be participating in the Aruna 5k! It will be my first 5k, and I'm really excited. My goal is simply to run the whole thing (though my idea of "run" is more like "jog). I will give more information once I am registered for that!


  1. Wow the dance marathon sounds so much fun! Shame I'm on the other side of the Atlantic and can't take part! But sending you very best wishes and lots of luck for the dance marathon and the 5k.

    Alexandra Thérèse xx


  2. Thank you! I'll let you know how it goes!

  3. hey, I am also running the Aruna 5k. Let me know if you ever need a running buddy when we get back to school :)


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