Monday, December 6, 2010

beauty : the topknot

One trend that has become seemingly obvious for both the runway and the street (because it is so easy) is the infamous topknot - simply a rounded bun, placed right on top of the head, at a location where it's just a little too high to be mistaken for a messy college student bun and instead one realizes it was done very much on purpose.

Very voluminous topknots at Jenni Kayne Sprint 09 RTW

At ADAM Spring 11 RTW. Why are topknots so great? They are the perfect non-style that meets "adorable" with "sophisticated".

More topknot buns at Rebecca Taylor Spring 11 RTW

Now this is an easy one to take into your own hands. It's effortless, can be messy or sleek, and once it starts falling apart, looks even better.

The higher, the better!

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