Tuesday, December 7, 2010

experimental photo

Just a picture one of my friends took at the critique, me standing between my two creepy figures. I can't get over how tired I look in this photo. I promise I wasn't about to drop dead here - I just get very, very serious when describing my concepts to the judges (they're a little intimidating) - but I kind of get a kick out of how it really looks.

Also, please disregard the knitted cast-on tail sticking out of the right piece, and how I didn't tie my new piece tight enough and it left a hole (it's gone now). But can you see what I mean about the shoes on the girls now? It definitely disrupts the look.


  1. going back and commenting on an old post, I know. But, I saw this post and it totally reminded me of your experimental design pieces, i.e. the lack of faces and the interesting shapes.

  2. Oh those are AWESOME!! So interesting how they looked almost 'wearable'!!


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