Friday, December 3, 2010

experimental design final critique

My classmates were talking about everyone's concepts, and I guess mine came up and someone asked what it was, and one of my friends said "It's like when you cut your face off and you become a blob."

Well, not quite, but I love it anyway.

A refresher of the concept is how without faces, souls, personalities, or spirits, we as human beings are nothing more than anatomical masses. For the final show if this gets in (which I believe it has, since my experimental design professor told me to make the remaining 3 from my sketches for it), I will be fixing the foot pieces to fit over the heels (I made an error in pattern drafting that didn't allow for that to be possible in the critique, and of course the guest designer pointed it out). But overall I am very happy with the results. More (professional) pictures soon!


  1. this looks so good, rachel!!! i am obsessed with the knitwear!! the dye on it looks awesome! you should be very proud!

  2. Aw thank you Kacy!! You should be very proud of yourself too!

  3. Ah, here they are. Fantastic creations!

    Pools x


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