Thursday, October 14, 2010

retro fittings 2010

On a slightly unrelated note, as this has nothing to do with fake fur, I was on the news this morning with a few of my fellow classmates! Fox 19 did a segment on the Retro Fittings 2010 fashion show, an event happening tonight showcasing the work of my classmates for our "St Vincent project". We were given a budget, a partner, and a mission to go to the St Vincent du Paul consignment store and buy pieces to deconstruct and recreate into something inspired by a famous duo. My partner Hillary and I chose Lucy and Ethel. You can read a little more about our project here. (And those are my drawings up at the top - nothing like my new croquis now, but hey, we all start somewhere!)

On the left there is Hillary, and on the right, me. As you can read in the article link above, we chose to use our creative licenses with color due to the fact that the show was in black and white. We also wanted to add a little modernity - my outfit kept the classic 50's circle skirt but I paired it with a strapless bodice (strapless hadn't been invented yet!) and the seaming and boning on the inside channeled the era's Merry Widow style bodice. I added a reversible halter-style strap to enhance the silhouette and link everything back to the 50s.

Here is the segment from Fox 19 if you would like to watch it. The press will also be at the event tonight, which has been sold out, to talk to a few of us about the project and the show. Only a few of us are modeling in the show wearing our own designs; the rest have others wearing them. There will also be other "scenes" in the show wearing garments found directly at the St Vincent store. It's going to be an exciting show!

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