Wednesday, October 13, 2010

trend : faux fur

Fur is making a huge resurgence this year, and the interesting thing about it is that half of what went down the runway was fake. Due to new technologies in synthetic fiber manufacturing (as my professor explained to us, each fiber filament has a colored core and then a clear outer shell for luster), the end result is a really realistic fur effect.

A few years ago, Fendi did a Fall 2008 RTW show with a pretty cool concept - gold fur. Not only was the fur visually gold, but it was actually soaked in a liquid 24-karat gold solution so the gold actually would adhere to the fur itself. The effect was pretty amazing, and we can all guess how much that skirt probably costs.

But then, even before that, fall experienced a very different thing with fur - I think everyone remembers the Prada Fall 2007 RTW show - that showcased none other than fake, unusually colored mohair. And plastered onto the fronts of cardigans and coats. Suddenly faux fur and plastic fibers were in the Prada house.

A very unusual show for about three thousand different reasons, but it really opened up the doors for alternative fur options, and sort of brought manufactured furs into the spotlight where it could no longer be frowned down upon. And now, our current fall season is taking advantage of this - it could be the economy, it could be the technology, but I think it is also just a more conscious consumer in general.

Glossy fur coats at Alberta Ferretti

Burberry Prorsum took faux fur to the next level along with oversized collars and this season's "it" shearling

Pressed fur and feathers at VPL

While Karl wouldn't dare use fake fur for Fendi (a line too famous for their luxurious, real furs, a smart move because he would only be competing with himself), he did dare to use them for Chanel, and said, "Technical advances are so perfect you can hardly tell fake fur from the real thing. Fake is not chic — we have got a new Chanel tweed to stop copies — but fake fur is”

Sounds like the king has spoken - no more shame in saving a little and buying a fake fur! Which reminds me, I have a vintage fox neck wrap somewhere at home that I should pull out of storage. Though it's real, and that makes me a little sad, it's ok because someone bought it first before it came to the vintage store and then into my hands ... that's how it works, right? Oh well, it is on trend and I'm gonna be a part of it this year.


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