Tuesday, September 14, 2010

lanvin for HM

As you may have noticed, I am not very good at limiting myself to one post per day. This is because there are so many good things going on after I already choose one to write about that I must share ... ALBER ELBAZ IS DOING A COLLABORATION WITH H&M.

Lanvin has always been one of my favorites. I like to daydream that when I present my final collection one of his style scouts is sitting in the audience and hires me on the spot. A girl can dream. But, until then, I can dream more realistically of owning a Lanvin H&M piece around the reveal date of November 23rd (in store, that is. The online reveal is November 2nd). There are of course no images or previews of what is in the collection, but a nice little black and white video shows Elbaz telling us all how impressed he is that the H&M samples of his designs were identical to his originals and this makes me very excited.

So let's talk Lanvin. The fashion house was founded by Jeanne Lanvin in 1909, marked by the joining of Syndicat de la Couture. By 2001, Lanvin was the oldest fashion house still running, and this was when Alber Elbaz was appointed creative director, and when Lanvin really started showing up on my radar.

To me Lanvin has always been about a sort of architectural fluidity. The fabrics are sculpted perfectly, the colors all very deep and rich, and uncomplicated. My favorite show took place in Spring 2009, and always comes to my mind first when I think "Lanvin":

Perfect. One of the few shows where I can honestly say I enjoy all of it. The exposed zippers, the light reflecting softly from the folds in the fabric, the rich tonal qualities of color.

I'm hoping these components all show up in H&M in a few months and, consequently, my closet. I am feeling very confident that I will not be disappointed, judging Elbaz's reaction to the collection. Stay tuned for November 2nd!


  1. I love you! But I hate exposed zippers

    I will follow you if/when I ever get a cooking blog


  2. Oh yeah, what ever happened to the Gastronome? Your first entry should be about the pumpkin seed oil. Eric says it is most popular drizzled on top of soups.

    Exposed zippers are awesome, don't hate!


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