Wednesday, September 15, 2010

trend : clogs

So we all remember Karl putting clogs down the runway for the Chanel Spring 2010 show. I mean, it was kind of hard to forget ... clogs? But, somehow, they looked pretty good, considering what they were, and now clogs are on peoples' minds again.

The trick is in how you do clogs. Crocks, nurse shoes, Dutch wooden clogs, and the other sorts of things that pop into your head when you think of clogs are what you want to try and avoid. Clogs need to look a little edgy to avoid that child-like round-toe nostalgia of middle school days, when they usually were made of denim and had embroidered butterflies or other such nonsense on them. Which is why, we can safely say, Karl felt confident about his: perfectly sized metallic studs lining the shape of the foot, thick wooden heels and platforms, a barely-there seam reminiscent of a steel toe. But pair that with cream and you have something completely new and fresh.

But you can't just walk down the street in these wearing just anything. Only models can do that.

On that note, I bought a pair of shoes today that slightly, slightly resemble clogs. Only in the way that the back part of the shoe that covers the heel is hardly there and the rest of my foot is covered. Of course there is a heel, so they become fashion forward. Flat clogs aren't okay yet. And since I'm not ready for Karl's homage to slightly sweet, edgy prairie girls, they are black suede.

Which gets me thinking, who is ready for that? Or rather, who has gone there? Maybe be all need a little inspiration because sometimes the fashion world can be rather scary. So without further ado, a few people who have somehow made clogs wearable and chic, via Chictopia:

Convinced? You should be. Although my shoes aren't clogs, per se, they are a lot closer to the trend than I've ever gotten. Baby steps.

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