Tuesday, September 14, 2010

designer : frey wille

As I was unpacking a little bit this morning I reached the section of my backpack that was temporarily housing some of my jewelry, including a small navy velvet box containing a bracelet - and I realized, I do know another Austrian designer, and one that I was very surprised to not see on the list! Frey Wille (Michaela Frey) is a hugely successful jewelry designer from Austria, famous for delicate cloisonne enamel in intricate shapes and wide arrays of color. Eric bought me a clasp bracelet in the style of Gustav Klimt last summer in Vienna, and it is my favorite thing I own.

Frey Wille was represented a few weeks ago at Berlin Fashion Week, and even produced a ring for the event. The company was started in 1951 by Michaela Frey, and then later accountant and lawyer Friedrich Wille joined the picture in 1970 and the brand was born. There are over 60 boutiques in 19 countries, and the collections created are inspired by mythology or famous artists.

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