Saturday, July 7, 2012

activewear collection : dyeing the straps

As a single insignificant person in the fashion industry, finding certain supplies can be difficult. Take, for example, my fruitless search for bra strap elastic (the shiny-on-one-side, plush-matte-on-the-other kind that you have on your bra right now). I could find endless amounts in white and black for retail, but finding colored versions was near impossible (unless, of course, I wanted to order 50,000,000,000 yards - but I am not a manufacturer). Many suppliers of hard-to-find garment supplies don't offer retail sale, so I had to get creative.

Did you know Etsy now has a "supplies" section?

I ordered white and used Rit dyes to get the colors I wanted.

 I like to pretend I'm legit by making tech packs for my designs.

The straps dyed very easily - I literally dipped them in the solution (using vinegar as a mordant) for no more than 2 seconds and they were done!

Just waiting on a few more fabric shipments and then it's time to SEW!


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