Wednesday, June 13, 2012

beginning stages

Monday I began my research process for my mini activewear collection. I researched the market, looked at competitor garments and prices, and figured out where I want to fit into the market myself. I created a survey for my classmates and friends to give me feedback on what they look for in activewear - and they gave me really good input!

Left, developing a working color palette. Right, note-taking on survey results.

Today I spent a few hours looking at activewear fabrics online - a surprisingly fruitless endeavor. While apparel fabrics are readily available, many sport performance fabrics are not, and are only available to wholesalers, activewear companies, or manufacturers. These hard-to-find fabrics so far are wicking and breathable fabrics, stain or odor resistant fabrics, and waterproof fabrics. Spandex and mesh are easier to find - but not "basketball shorts" mesh! I ordered a few swatches to get myself started.

I also spent a little time snapping photos of my favorite activewear garments I own already, to give myself some construction ideas and to look at how these garments were made so that I can aim for a professional-looking execution.

Can you tell what colors I like?

The next step will be finalizing my color palette, continuing to gather swatch materials, and finishing any concept research. My favorite part of the design process has always been the research component!

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