Thursday, March 15, 2012

3/15 photos of the week and some updates

Sorry for the lack of updates everyone!! I have been so busy with work (and am on a fitness kick so lots of running to prepare for a 5k, knitting to finish up some projects, and general studying about how to begin a fashion brand) so I haven't totally been focused on blogging lately.  But here are some images that have been inspiring me recently!

 In love with this neon orange layer over a simple tank and shorts.
 Again, another entrancing detail - an alluring, exotic cuff with casual jeans.
 Minimal beauty at its best.
 A gorgeous use of color and pattern.
High-rise jeans lend themselves well to a peek of skin in the back - demure and sexy.

Tomorrow, I have my last day as a graphic tees co-op at Abercrombie & Fitch.  And oh my goodness, how wonderful an experience it has been.  I have learned so much about the ins and outs of a successful company - from organization and production, to execution and review.   A few weeks ago I ordered a book off Amazon called How to Set Up and Run a Fashion Label and it has definitely gotten the juices flowing in my head... 

This summer my university transitions from a quarter system to a semester system - unfortunately for our class, we end up getting the short straw and have a mini co-op period over the summer (7-ish weeks) and then our first "semester" co-op back to back with the summer one, for 15 weeks I believe.  Some of my classmates are rolling this into one long co-op, but I have chosen to break it up and use that short period to my advantage to do an entrepreneurial quarter, in which I develop and execute a mini collection (7 weeks is much nicer to go without pay than 15, and good thing I work fast!).  I am very excited about this - I think this opportunity will allow me to better formulate my ideas about my future. During the summer I will be able to have this experience to compare to the others I have had, to understand if I truly want to be my own designer and live out my own aspirations, or work in a collaborative team much like that at A&F, to which I will return in the fall for my semester co-op.

So, there is much to think about!  With the book I have been reading, I have been doing a lot of ideations on branding, where I would want to take a line if I had one, etcetera - so during the next quarter at school I will be doing a lot of background thought on what kind of line I would like to do over the summer with the potential of further developing that brand into senior year when I do my senior collection. It isn't that impossible to get contact with a factory for production - you just have to do all the pre-production work and send it to them in a format that is clear. However, I think this is something I could definitely achieve.

In other news... my CFDA portfolio has been selected to move on to the competition!  A panel of professors reviewed the class portfolios and selected the few to send in for the scholarship - each school has a limited amount of portfolios that can be sent in for the final judging.  I am eager to find out what happens next...!

Stay tuned for more! I am ready for a relaxing spring break and the start of knitwear!


  1. Love your choices of images here Rachel - they all have little details which make them unique! So exciting that your portfolio has been selected to be entered into the competition! Very best of luck and let us know how you get on! xx

  2. Dude Rach I can't believe you're so close to starting your own label. So legit!


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