Sunday, February 26, 2012

jil sander fall 2012

Big news for one of my favorite designers - Raf Simons will be leaving Jil Sander.  The fascinating part is that Jil Sander herself will be taking his place.

With that, I leave you with my favorite detail from his last Jil Sander show.  Interestingly, this favorite detail is not minimalistic at all - but I am still predictable, because it is neon pink and knitted.


  1. I think the reason I love and admire the brand of Jil Sander so much is that when you look at one of their pieces it is instantly recognisable as theirs because they just have a signature look. Some people would probably say that means they don't use enough variety in their designs but I think it's good that they have a strong identity in the world of fashion.

  2. To pay tribute to this storied love affair, check out our spotlight on the fashion designers celebrities love—and the designers that love them back.Jil Sander should be one of the famous personalities in this field.


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