Sunday, August 7, 2011

scarf sneak peek

Still in the experimenting-with-different-stitches stage (and figuring out if they'll even work together - got some kinks already) but here are a few sneak peek shots of preliminary swatching and the yarn for the scarf I am designing.  The actual color is not to be revealed until it is finished!  Shown here is a skein I got for testing purposes (gorgeous color though).

The yarn is Madeline Tosh Merino Light, and the color pictured here is "Dusk".  It is a fingering weight yarn, 4 ply, 16 wpi.  It is unplied, which is my favorite - the yarn has a smoother texture that I love.

I got this yarn from a store called Purl SOHO, in the Soho neighborhood of Manhattan.  It was an incredible store - bustling and busy, and I'd never seen a busy yarn store before.  There was a wonderful selection of not only yarns and supplies, but books as well, and some I'd never even seen before (including some of the ones I saw in the Japanese bookstore at Mitsuwa - mental note has been made).  In addition to the skein for swatching and of course the final one for Andrew, I got myself a skein, in the color "Calligraphy", a beautiful blue-toned dove gray with hints of peachy pink.  This I will use for the "counterpart" to Andrew's scarf.

In other news, my green sweater is finished!  At least the knitting part.  Got a blocking mat in the mail on its way to me so I can actually sew it together (as well as my silver lace tee) and get those ready to wear.  Can't wait!


  1. Love the herringbone pattern. Judging from your swatches, that yarn looks like it will drape beautifully. Are you inventing patterns or testing existing patterns?

  2. Knitting is definitely something I want to learn when I have time. This pattern and colour look great together. I'm so admiring your skills.

  3. I am testing existing patterns for the time being.

  4. That makes it sound like I'm using other peoples' scarf patterns. I'm testing different known stitches :) there we go!

  5. Hi lovely,
    thanks for sharing!
    Your blog is so cute!I added to your followers!I'm very glad if you follow me too:)

  6. Yay, I love stumbling on to other knitters on the web! That yarn is beautiful- I can't wait to see your scarf design! Purl Soho is such a lovely store- I could be there for hours :D

    star-crossed smile


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