Thursday, August 25, 2011

new shoes

I got paid for the work on the Marc Jacobs dress today, and instantly knew what to do.

This style shoe is everywhere in Brooklyn, so I found it only fitting to take a piece of Brooklyn back with me (in the form of a shoe).  I am only here another 3 weeks!

And I can actually walk / get things done in these.


  1. A W E S O M E shoes!!!!!!!

    Yay for getting paid for that meticulous work! Yes,the shoes are a perfect souvenir of your summer in Brooklyn! (I think it would be appropriate to cover up those leather seams on the shoes with sequins and beads...)

  2. Getting paid for something you love to do must be the best feeling - I can think of know better way to celebrate than to go out and buy some new shoes! These are lovely and indeed look both comfortable, practical and stylish! Enjoy your last three weeks in Brooklyn xx

  3. loving splurging after a paycheck :) great shoes!

  4. very stylish shoes :) looks comfortable !



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