Friday, July 15, 2011

obsession : carven

My friend Elyse brought my attention to this line - having started in 1945, it is amazing I've never noticed it before.  Inspired by Switzerland for the resort 2012 collection, the pieces feature photo and map prints that I can't get enough of (and this seems to be their "thing" - these details show up in past collections as well).

 From their latest campaign, at

 Resort 2012 collection

 Fall 2011 collection

 Spring 2011 collection

The signature is lovely - unusual cuts on jackets, shades of navy and orange with khaki, photo-realistic printing, lace applique, triangular midriff cut-outs.  Beautiful tailoring.



  1. yes! <3 gorgeous. and I even got a shout-out in my favorite blog*

  2. Beautiful draping. And I bet you LOVE the shoes with the BOWS!


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