Sunday, June 19, 2011

park slope, brooklyn, new york

Sorry for the lack of posts - this has been a busy week for me!

Today is my first official full day in New York City.  My family brought me down after a trip to Swarthmore and Philadelphia and we got here yesterday afternoon - explored a little, got my metro pass - and then I met my friends for dinner.  I woke up this morning to a beautiful sunny day, and walked to a cafe for breakfast for an iced soy chai tea latte and a tofu scramble wrap - curried scrambled tofu (to look like eggs but taste way better) with chives, tomatoes and black beans in a whole wheat tortilla.  It was unbelievable - the little cafe also has tons of vegan sandwiches and muffins.  What a Rachel place!  Then some grocery shopping.  I start my internship tomorrow - do you know what my first assignment is?  Visit the McQueen exhibit at the Met!

Which leads me to my big point - from here, my blog is going to take a slightly more personal turn.  Not personal as in about me, per se, but about what I am doing and learning here in New York.  As I won't be in school, I will still be having an amazing learning experience via my internship, learning to live on my own in a big city, cooking, knitting, and drawing (I brought my knitting and watercolor supplies, so those are the things I will work on this summer).  And, those are the things I will be posting about!  I hope to better develop my drawing skills and design skills, find tailoring fabric for my next quarter of school, and knit up a storm in my free time so stay posted for lots of fun blog entries.  I will also be adding more recipes and photos of boutiques and shopping for the next three months, so hopefully everyone likes reading about that! 

Until the adventure begins, here are some photos of my little spot!

 That's all the puppies seem to like to do when I'm the only one here - stare. 

If you know me, then you know I am excited about that kitchen.  I already have a delicious recipe picked out for dinner and I can't wait to get back into cooking!  I will post the recipe tonight with pictures and a review to share.  Have a great lazy Sunday everyone!

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  1. Yay, you're in New York + yay you're on twitter! Following already! So exciting that your internship is starting! Your apartment looks great - nice and warm and cosy for all that knitting you're going to be doing this summer! I shall be joining you in spirit! Love the fact that your first assignment is to go and see the McQueen exhibiy at the Met - I wish! xx


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