Thursday, June 30, 2011

lovely blog award!

Shannon from The Stylish Butterfly today awarded me the Lovely Blog Award!  If you haven't checked out her blog already, I highly recommend doing so.

You may remember this from last time, but if not, I am to share 7 things about myself and then pass the award along to 15 other bloggers, both for your own viewing and to spread the love to them as well!  Hopefully I can come up with 7 interesting new things..

1. I go through so many phases in fashion - cutesy girly phases, very minimalistic phases, bridal phases, experimental phases, no-fashion-at-all phases ... right now I'm in an experimental phase.  The McQueen exhibit still hasn't (and probably never will) wear off on me.

2. I am enjoying a new-found love of color at the moment.  In high school I wore a lot of black, and even when I grew out of that I still had a black piece in every outfit, and bright colors were tough for me to adopt.  The addition to highlighter yellow to my "favorite colors" list helped - and just in the past few weeks have I really begun to love color again - to the point where I'd wear (wait for it ...) MORE THAN ONE bright color at a time.  "Back then", that was a no-no for me - jeans were a neutral (so red shirt with jeans was not okay - two colors at once) and there were multiple color combinations that I hated (blue and pink - remember that post I did a bit ago about how I love them together now?) and of course, my infamous hatred for the color green.  Even that is changing now - perhaps it was Prada that did it.

3. When I get a rabbit, his name will be Jonah.

4. I definitely prefer the Brooklyn area (Park Slope in particular - and I am NOT biased because I live there!) better than the Manhattan area.  Especially the garment district.  Of course, I love the bead, fabric and lace selection (and sequin, feather, and fur selection ... ) but the whole super-busy-kinda-dirty-window-unit-water-dripping-on-you aspect just really turned me off from the whole experience.  Plus, I'm not aggressive, at all.  I know it takes a special type of person to make the typical "fashion intern" that is willing to fight for a scrap of fabric at a store so they aren't snapped at later in the day after coffee run #14, but I will always and forever be the person that bumps into someone at a cross walk who says "I'm sorry!" (amazing how rarely this happens downtown) and if someone else gets that fabric first, then they just get it first.  But something about the restaurants, shops and general familial setting (I would need eleven hands to count on my fingers all the babies in stollers down here) is really nice.

5. Herbal things fascinate me - like how natural everything really is.  Aspirin comes from Witch Hazel.  I think that is beyond cool.  And Austrians chew candied ginger on car trips to avoid carsickness, because it helps settle the stomach.  I think it would be really cool to lead a natural herbal life and just drink infused herb water to cure all problems.  Not sure if it would really work, but how cool would your kitchen look with all these glass jars and dried herbs and things everywhere?  And window flower pots.  I can't wait to have a garden.

6. I'm going to try to be better about keeping a sketchbook.  Usually I get all excited, buy a new one, start it, and 20 pages in decide I don't like one of the pages so I need a whole new one.  No.  That's just part of the process.

7. I can't seem to think right now, so I'll just tell you I'm watching Mrs. Doubtfire.

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  1. Hi, thank you so much for giving me the award, I feel very honoured! :)


  2. Congrats on your award! xx

    Oh and if you haven't already don't forget to enter my Lush Giveaway

  3. Glad you're all back into your colour - especially in time for Summer! And Jonah is a great name for a rabbit.

  4. Thank you so much for the award! so sweet :)

  5. thank you! :) I don´t hear this very often because most people think that german sounds really harsh...
    I thought I was the only one who thought the picture is ugly, we should definetly redesign it haha!
    By the way, I saw your portfolio in your personal website and I really loved the illustrations you made, you are a very talented drawer! I wish I colud draw like this..



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