Wednesday, June 29, 2011

continuing the bridal samples

Today I finished sewing on the flowers and beaded the centers of them.  You can see how the flowers are concentrated at the waist and "burst" outwards and follow along the neckline - Sam joked it will be hard to beat this one, the bride will probably want her dress like this!

Here are some quick shots of the next sample - on a different silk tulle (with a very different hand and texture), with flowers that have a touch of lace.


  1. Wow - the dress in the first picture is beautiful. Fit for a goddess. The detailing and the waterfall effect of the lace is unbelievable! xx

  2. I've awarded you the lovely blog award. For details, please check
    Woww.. you're doing a great job with the dress. It's looking beautiful.


  3. This is just beautiful. The intricate flowers and the lightweight material are so dreamy! Very ethereal and perfect in every way. xx


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