Sunday, June 19, 2011

knitting and cupcakes

Knitting stores unfortunately have reputations for rude customer service.  I don't know why this is, but it perplexes every knitter I've talked to that has experienced it themselves.  Perhaps it is because employees are hired for their expertise, not their people skills.  Or maybe it is my age when I walk into a knitting store and everyone working there is older - they might think I find knitting "trendy" and am not really serious about it.  Whatever it is, it bothers me.

Then today, I walked into a knitting store that changed my entire negative view on knitting stores.  Stitch Therapy is right down the street from me - two blocks, and across, to be exact.  It was one of the first things I noticed when I got here yesterday.  The front half of the store has ceramic plates and bowls; the back is the knitting store.  The selection is fantastic - metallic threads, linens and lace weights, ribbon yarns and thick chunky wools - and there is a huge selection of knitting patterns (including the Nora Gaugan vol. 6 I wanted but thought I'd have to order online).  But the selection wasn't what impressed me (well, it did for sure!  But not the point of the story.) 

What impressed me was the owner.   I walk in, she says hello.  I look around and pick up two balls of yarn.  She asks if I need help finding anything, and I ask about the pattern I was looking for, and she showed me.  I pick it up - she comes over, sits down on a chair, and begins talking to me.  She says I can sit down too.  We chat for a good 10 minutes about knitting, techniques, stitches, Ravelry, and what I'm doing in New York.  She was amazing!  I felt so welcome, and she seemed so interested in me, and told me about their classes the store has.  She also asked me to show her what I make with what I buy - hardly anyone does.  Not only will I show her, but I will buy more yarn too ...

Onto the fun stuff.

 Karabella Super Platinum in "Gunmetal" - can you see why I like?  Much deeper in real life.

This is going to become a lace cropped t-shirt.  

The rest of my outing involved the purchase of metallic gold Keds (metallic was the theme of the day) because I realized I need walking shoes, and slippers for the days where I forget my walking shoes.  So I can check half of that off the list.  There are a multitude of shoe stores on 7th Ave - happily busy,with a fantastic selection of things like Keds and Toms and then super modern wedges and boots.  Mental note made.  My last accomplishment of the day was seeing a chalkboard sign on a sidewalk that read "Butter Lane, coming soon".  I turn to my left, and there it was - and it had already arrived, and was open.  I got my first New York cupcake!  My friends have raved about these, so I had to stop in.  You get a choice of chocolate, vanilla or banana cake (I got banana - it was SO MOIST) and whatever icing you want (I got grapefruit ginger - and lord may I tell you this was not icing because I don't care for icing.  I don't know what it was, but it was heavenly).  

Great success!


  1. I think the knitting store in Swarthmore, PA is also a great place! Cathy at "Finely a Knitting Party" is welcoming, enthusiastic, and knowledgeable.

  2. Omg yes I loved her!! She was so sweet and helpful! When I visit Julia I will DEFINITELY stop in and see her :)

  3. They have METALLIC WOOL in New York?! Amazing! That knitting shop sounds lovely - really sweet of that woman to be so helpful and ask what you like to knit.


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