Monday, June 20, 2011

internship day 1

This is going to be an amazing summer!  In case you missed my earlier post, I am interning with Sam Walls Beasley of Samuelle Couture.  I cannot wait to see what I learn and experience!

To keep a long story short, today I beaded some beautifully delicate lace flowers for samples in Sam's portfolio.  The flowers are part of two different dresses.  In the first photo, you can see the swatches next to the illustration - this is where the beaded flowers will be. 

See the dresses hanging on the door?  Those are the sample gowns - over the summer Sam will be working with two brides who are requesting the far right dress, with some of their own creative modifications.  I will go into the Garment District on Wednesday to find swatches for them!

After lunch I created a front and back bodice block for one of the brides.  Since Sam is from the UK, her pattern book used the metric system - and I can't say how much easier this system is!  Dividing measurements into tenths makes so much more sense.  I don't think I'll ever go back.  Sorry, US, but you just need to make the switch already. 

On Wednesday I will also get the chance to see the McQueen exhibit.  I will take tons of photos!


  1. Wow, so much lace! Sounds like you are enjoying yourself too. Yay for our British system - metric is best! Featured your blog + the citrus print shorts you made in today's post!

  2. Rach! First of all, lemme freak out for you for a sec... OMIGOD YOU ARE CO-OPING IN NYC FOR A BRIDAL DESIGNER YOUR DREAMS ARE COMING TRUEEE! Second, I couldn't agree more about the Metric system. Same goes for engineering. I haven't read your blog for a while so I'm catching up! Love!


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