Friday, June 10, 2011

beauty : contrasting nails

Nail polish has come a long way from just being one color - crackle nail polish, decals, Minx ... so it idn't surprise me at all when I began seeing friends painting their ring fingers a different color from the rest.  The overall effect is subtle - like wearing a ring on that finger, it stands out - but depending on the color choices you make, can be bold as well.

I personally like the subtlety.  I decided to try this today with my Essie "Demure Vixen", a mauve-beige-violet, and Urban Outfitter's "After Hours", a multi-colored pure glitter polish.  Staying within color families is my favorite way to do this trend for now - for example, orange with copper or gold.  The "After Hours" has just enough violet in it to look relevant, but still pops.  However, I have seen girls do this with all neon shades and it looks just as cool!

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  1. I think MINX nail designs is brilliant, it is shiny and doesn't need drying time, just apply to your nails and shape it to fit your nails in enough, it can make your nails beautiful for a long time. Very good. like it so much!


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