Friday, June 24, 2011

5th avenue

Do you ever look on designer websites and feel your heart sink as you realize that a $5,000 pair of shoes being sold out means there are enough people out there to afford that item?  Well, I experienced that a lot today - but it was exciting.  I explored 5th and Madison today in Manhattan, where many designer flagship stores are located (Oscar de la Renta, Prada, and Chanel to name a few) and it was quite an experience.  Did you know these stores have guards to open the door for you while maintaining watch over the whole store?  They are very intimidating - makes me feel guilty for looking around and touching.

But regardless, I looked around and touched, a lot.  First stop was J Crew Bridal (which has more than just bridal).  And oh goodness, everything in this store was divine.  Wouldn't it have been funny to find the gown I made a version of?  I didn't, but the gowns I did see were simply beautiful.  The store also has many jeweled belts, shoes, bridesmaids dresses (that you could wear again, but really), shorts, and sweaters.  I was not allowed to take pictures here so I simply observed.  It was interesting to view this price bracket for bridal customers - to me, personally, the things in that store were very high end ($300 for a pair of silk shorts, thousands for dresses).  Yet in parts of the bridal industry, J Crew Bridal may be considered lower end or in a more affordable bracket for the non-designer customer, and the quality is quite different.  None-the-less, I thought they were perfect.  There was one navy and black silver-beaded dress that was just divine.

Next I hopped across the street to Oscar de la Renta.  Again I could not take pictures (but I snuck one).  Inside was a woman trying on a long mermaid gown in white with red and green flowers.  Another woman was buying accessories like they cost nothing.  I creeped around to the room in the back with all the long dresses and stole a couple shots of a beautiful beaded pale pink gown.  The garments in the store were from the Spring 2011 RTW collection.

 On the runway!

Afterwards, I noticed J Mendel across the street and wandered over there.  As one of my favorite bridal designers, I thought it necessary to look at their boutique.  Their hours were late, so I couldn't go inside, but I did manage to get a few shots of their window display.

Bergdorf Goodman is a wonderful way to see a bunch of designer garments and collections in one spot - so that was my final stop.  Among the designers represented were Alaia, the Row, Vera Wang, and Marni.

 I KNOW.  My life is now complete.  (The colors were so amazing in real life - trying to sneak a picture means bad lighting and photo quality!)

 Gorgeous detailing from The Row.  This is where my friend Megan is interning for the summer!

Terrible photo but beautiful gown from Vera Wang.
I also bought a clutch in BCBG Max Azria (I don't own one - now I do!) during which a piece of construction equipment fell onto a display window and the whole thing crumbled to pieces. 

This one here, but in a fun print!

Happy Friday everyone!


  1. Okay so. I really like all the J Mendel dresses, but I don't get the one in the first picture and pictured again 2 photos later. The fabric is pretty but the way it is seamed there is a huge bulge in the middle...isn't that unflattering? Maybe I'm crazy...

    Also, do you have a closeup of the clutch? I love it!

  2. Wow Rachel - you seem to be having an amazing time on all of your 'research' trips to the designer shops! Even on these photos I can see how the Jil Sander pop colours must be so bright and vivid up close! been so busy these last couple of days, will catch up on all of your other posts now xx


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