Monday, June 6, 2011

100th post!

I thought that for my one-hundredth post I would do something fun - sort of like a "through the years" entry to get to know me a little bit better.  But before that, I would just like to say thank you to everyone that reads what I have to write.  It keeps me motivated!

Now onto the fun stuff.

 When I first began my interest in fashion, I didn't have much grasp on clothing.  I knew what I liked, and as far as I knew designing was more about that.  Those measurements you see above?  I have no idea where they came from - in my head, at the time, they seemed realistic.  Years later I learn in school to draw technical flats on a croquis model designed for the industry.  Flats are made to show perfect proportion in clothing - if you blew it up to life-size, you should be able to measure each cuff and then produce it at that exact size - they are drawn to scale.

My croquis have also changed drastically.  I always drew thin - but maybe a little on the skeletal side.  The feet were so small too!  Faces were not something I had enough confidence to pencil in, so I usually drew a suggested lip and lock of hair.  Proportion was never right - learning the nine-head figure locked in the "fashion model" look.

My favorite designers in high school were Chloe, Burberry and Chanel - mostly because those were big names to me.  The dress on the left was inspired by one in a Chloe ad I had seen in Teen Vogue.  Today, my tastes shift more to designers like Jil Sander, Lanvin, Josh Goot, and Calvin Klein - clean, minimal, interesting geometrics and color concepts - and then Christopher Kane, who fits nowhere in there but I love everything.  However my style hasn't changed too greatly - I will always lean towards femininity in design.  Though the days of lace and petticoats is long gone! 

I started out learning to sew from patterns - the one on the left was vintage.  I made minor modifications like adding buttons, changing the length - that was about it.  But it did give me a head start!  I also, since then, have learned better fashion photography (well, my sister took the photo on the right, but I've still learned!)

And probably most obviously, I have changed a bunch.  I went through a period in high school where I wore skirts and dresses for a year - no pants.  I jokingly blame it on my childhood of no hair and everyone thinking I was a boy subliminally affecting me 15 years later.  Good thing I got over that one.  Though I guess after a pink hair phase, a set of black combat boots, and a spiked dog collar, I wouldn't have arrived at "me" without those things first.  It was, after all, how I got interested in fashion - the stores didn't have what I wanted, so my mom taught me to sew.  Once I tired of being "alternative" in style, I had the unique opportunity to reinvent my wardrobe, and I plowed through runway shows for inspiration.

And the obsession was born.

To another 100 posts! 

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