Monday, May 16, 2011

obsession : plastic zippers

I have always loved plastic zippers - the sporty quality, the large plastic teeth (well I just love plastic in general) ... while sitting in the waiting room at the doctor's office today I was admiring the big black zipper on my Northface jacket and it got me thinking - how cool would it be to integrate plastic zippers into garments more regularly?  The exposed metal zipper had its run, but big plastic zippers need some love.

They look pretty cool on everything, you have to admit.  They're fairly common in sportswear (jackets, raincoats), and nylon bags, but have recently become more common in the swimwear industry.  To my left - that's exactly what I'm talking about.  Fortunately, you can get them in a ton of fun bright colors now to match your fabric.  And while a contrasting color would look cool, I like the all-over-plastic-and-fabric-being-one-color look too much.

Liza Marie Fernandez Maillot - wouldn't it be great to do this in a bright color with a perfectly coordinating zipper.

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  1. Now I've come to think of it you're right - plastic zips do look great on garments! I like the idea of having them on swimsuits to brighten them up - this suit above needs one in electric blue I think!


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