Monday, May 16, 2011

beauty : ombre highlights

Everyone needs an NYC makeover when traveling to New York for the first time!  So what better opportunity to finally get those highlights I've wanted?  I've had my mind set on ombre highlights for a long time now (about two years) but never took the plunge.  I had talked to a stylist a while back who said she had always wanted to do them on someone (we both appreciated the grown out non-tiger look so many people dislike somehow - c'mon, do you think those stripes look good?).  But this summer would be a great time to finally get it done - summer is perfect for hair highlights, and New York stylists know how to do them.

Since I prefer natural looks, I'll probably end up with something more like a happy medium between the right and left sides of Jessica's head - just a few pieces here and there at the ends.  But I'm very excited about this!  I'll do my thorough research on salons before diving in but I think two years of being "on the fence" means I can go ahead and finally say I want these.

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