Tuesday, April 5, 2011

"found objects" draping project

Love Project Runway?  Don't get Lifetime?  Come to our classroom.

Our first little mini-project was a simple two-day assignment to take "found objects" and drape something fun and dimensional and textural with them.  I got a box of 80 latex gloves for $4,00 at the drugstore and thought it would be a little humorous to do something body wear related, since we will be studying that for the quarter.  So I made a creepy household object into a negligee or teddy.

George, my professor, loved it and joked that it would be perfect for a nurse's bachelorette party. 

We were allowed to pin to the form for this project (because it didn't have to be worn).  The skirt part was assembled as just that, twisting the tops to allow the edging to curl, and pinning them to the form.  The bodice utilizes tying the fingers of the gloves together to create textured seams and allowing stress to be put on the latex when stretched.  It is intentionally transparent and exposing.

Our next project?  Design Kate Middleton's dress!  Then she picks one of us as a winner and our prize is that she gets married in it!!!

Just kidding, but that would be cool.  We really are designing her dress though, for fun.  We will drape a wedding gown with an appropriate muslin material, based off of the parameters (more like restrictions - the gown has to be modest, a little conservative, based on where she is getting married, the situation, etcetera) ... think sleeves and high necklines.  The challenge is going to be making that modern.  However, she is getting married on April 29th (big big fashion event, everyone, so watch it on tv!) and we will have a little mini-competition to see whose dress ends up the closest to the actual dress she wears for the big reveal.  She has kept the entire thing on the down-low, and while a few designer sketches are circulating the internet no one knows for sure what it will look like!  Exciting. 

In a different realm, finally getting some ideas for body wear that I'm thinking rather seriously about.  More updates to come!

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