Friday, December 17, 2010

trend : pale pink & coral

A new color combination popping up for spring 2010 is the unexpected mix of a pale European pink with an orange-tinted coral or red. Red with pink has always before been a sort of fashion "no-no" the way many think you can't wear black with navy or black with brown ... but like most of these "rules", they are meant to be broken because it is interesting.

Elie Saab Spring, Marc by Marc Jacobs; both Spring 2011

Matthew Williamson, Jenni Kayne; both Resort 2011

Derek Lam, Resort 2011; Tory Burch, Spring 2011

Why does it work? The same reason wearing black head to toe works - it's flattering. And by keeping your pink a pale nude and your red a poppy orange, the contrast is high enough to allow viewers to distinguish you from a Valentine's day card.


  1. well, I'm glad they chose to break that rule and not the black and navy/brown! haha

  2. Me too! But I personally love black with navy (brown I haven't warmed up to yet, probably because my hair is brown so I feel like I can't wear it somehow). It has to be the right navy though - bluer rather than blacker.

  3. loving the Jenny Kayne and Tory Burch! My final for Randy's class had a neckline super similar to the Tory top! Yay, I love those little validating moments :)

  4. Ooh it did! I loved that detail. I'd love to wear an outfit like one of these.


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