Wednesday, December 29, 2010

beauty : john galliano spring 2011 rtw

John Galliano always does something interesting, and this time it's a mix of strange and beautiful - metallic hair. The models had their hair sprayed in gold or silver, and the effect is just so interesting to me - it looks harsh and not soft, almost like the hair was sculpted on - but the color is just magnificent.

(I threw in the neon afro just for fun)

Their hair almost looks crunchy - like it is actually made of little gold fibers rather than sprayed hair. Reminds me of those costume hair sprays you can get with the glitter in it. In fact, that fourth image actually has little LEDs woven into the silver hair. Brings a whole new appeal to "going gray". I love it. The girls look like gilded statues come to life. Totally unwearable for the real world, imagine putting your shirt on after you get ready in the morning and ending up with a giant streak of gold paint around the neck. But, the effect is nice.


  1. I have heard that a new trend is rising: 20-somethings are actually dying their hair gray.

  2. I've heard this too. I don't particularly care for it, but whatever. I do however love that white-blonde-Norwegian look.

    If our genes play out this trend, we will go gray in our 20s sans chemicals!


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