Sunday, November 7, 2010

trend : bodysuits

Since my experimental design collection is centered around the bodysuit, it got me thinking about how these could become wearable in everyday life. Bodysuits aren't just for dancers or gymnasts (though they do have the bodies for it), but can in fact be practical! Think of them as an extension to what you are already wearing - a full bodysuit with legs can be like leggings. Just toss a loose off-the-shoulder sweater on top, and you don't have to bother with a tank underneath. Or a leotard-style bodysuit - paired with a skirt, it eliminates the need to continuously tuck your shirt back in, something that drives me absolutely crazy. I own two of these.

Of course, the runway is going to do bodysuits a little differently than street wear will, so I'll show you a bit of both.

The Jil Sander spring show from 2009 had some really beautiful examples of bodysuits - and about as "full body" as they come, too. Here, the bodysuit is fully showcased, with a delicate fringe draped over the top in the first look, and a dramatic double-breasted jacket over the second. You can see how the bodysuit becomes more of a layering tactic - rather than being that awkward piece in your closet that you can't quite figure out, it becomes an all-in-one legging and long sleeve tee without the bulk of waistbands and shirt hems.

This photo on the left I just love - and have spent the last half hour trying to find its source, but I can't. However, it shows the perfect "top" bodysuit - a blouse shape with sleeves, and a fitted bottom for wearing shorts, a skirt, or pants. And guess what? No repeated tucking in. And on the right, we have an image from Valerie Dumaine spring 2011. Reminds you of your classic striped tee, with a modern and flattering twist - and how cute this would be with high-waisted black pants.

Now to take it to the streets to show how real people pull off this slightly confusing trend:

Moral of the story? Don't think of a bodysuit as an uncomfortable, awkward-inducing garment. Instead, try to think of it as a shirt with a bottom half, or leggings with a tank top attached. It eliminates any riding up / riding down issues, creates a smooth line at the waist where you won't have an extra waistband or hem from your shirt, and keeps the silhouette slim and will make people wonder what magical gravitation property you've discovered that is keeping your shirt down.

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  1. let's go shopping for these together!
    i love the bodysuit + double-breasted jacket look.

    guess who also pulls off a bodysuit really well? every day?



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