Sunday, October 31, 2010

dries van noten spring 2011 rtw

Alright, just got inspired. Look at how they treated the fabric here. We've all seen ombre by now, but this is new.

Guys. They bleached the denim all but for the indigo cuffs. And the waistband. And then for the floral print, the same thing was done. What an innovative way to expand possibilities with fabric. There are several ways to achieve color in a fabric - you can do stock dyeing, where the fibers are dyed before spinning into yarn. Then of course there is yarn dyeing, where the yarn is spun from the fibers and then dyed. You can also do piece dyeing, where the yardage is dyed or individual cut pieces from the yardage are dyed. And finally, garment dyeing, where the finished product is dyed as a whole. This is where this process would have been done - to achieve that "dipped in denim" or "dipped in floral print" look, but it was all done backwards - rather, the whole thing but one little Achilles heel of each garment was dipped in bleach. I may have to try this at home!

And these two have nothing to do with dyeing, but I just love these looks from the show as well.

A little in love with the shoe choice for these two. Overall, a fantastic show, Dries van Noten!

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