Saturday, October 2, 2010

experimental design sketches

Not feeling very inspired today, so I thought that maybe I'd just post a little bit about the sketches I'm working on for my experimental design class.

Note the word experimental ... the first dress was for our origami assignment, to use a material that is pliable. I chose to work with the ziploc component of a plastic ziploc bag, because you can snap them together and form strips to create something much like a Herve Leger bandage dress. The idea is a little racy, since the material is completely transparent, but that was the point - to challenge how she feels secure and safe locked inside, much like anything would be when placed into a ziploc bag, yet is completely exposed. The second dress is for the armored assignment, to use a material that can be linked together. This is supposedly a lingerie look, where the PVC pipes are linked to form a sort of cage around the body to cover certain parts, and then has a very fine-gauge copper wire "knit" billowing out from underneath. None of these things need to be doable or comfortable, so it is all in theory. I'm pretty sure no one would want to wear a pipe to bed. But, you know. Makes you think. I love to illustrate, and I love that you can design without financial or logical limitations when you draw.


  1. Very imaginitive designs. And I agree with you about design. It definitely let's one be as creative as can be.

    Just a quick question though. I saw that you posted about fall fashion. As a guy, however, do you have any opinions about fall fashion for men?

  2. Thank you!

    And good question. Mens wear and womens wear usually go hand in hand in terms of trending - for example, some of the major trends for fall are a head-to-toe one-color palette - this could easily be applied to suiting, mixing and matching pieces all in the same color family. Additionally, minimalistic tones (and camel coats, pants, jackets for men) will work as well.

    Unfortunately, my school doesn't teach mens wear, so I don't know as much about it in terms of trending as I would like. But as a general rule of thumb, you can almost always take what is going on for women and use it for men, with a masculine twist.

    Thanks for reading!

  3. Thank you for the information and replying so quickly! I can't wait for the beautiful scenery of fall to come.

  4. You're welcome! And neither can I - though it seems to have gotten skipped this year here.


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