Monday, September 27, 2010

trend : cocooning

My teacher brought up something interesting today regarding trending - that every decade or so, immediately following the decade, is a "cocooning year" - making 2011, the year after a new decade, one of them. Cocooning years indicate wanting to stay in, dress cozy, and wrap yourself with gigantic knitted things.

Obviously one of the biggest trends in cocooning is the infinity scarf - especially the oversized long versions that hug your neck and chin and keep you very warm. They are very comforting to wear. Something I have been noticing with sweaters lately is silhouetting in a literal interpretation of a cocoon - a circular shape in the back, loose slouchy sleeves, and an open front that dips back to form a "cocoon" shape around the body. The effect is very beautiful, actually. And I just bought one today in a light heather gray! Can't wait to snuggle up in it.

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