Friday, June 1, 2012

Updates soon!

I have been a horrible blogger lately! And I can't even use the word "lately" .. I haven't blogged in ages. This quarter has been the most challenging yet. This quarter we learned to use knitting machines, I took some very challenging classes (introduction to neuroscience), and I poured my heart and soul out into my knitwear project so much that any ounce of free time I had I felt guilty not knitting!

And by "pouring my heart and soul", we mean sleeping very little to the point of not even having the energy to move, and feeling so high on adrenaline that I was shaking for days. It was not my favorite feeling.

It is still exam week for me, so I've got lots of studying to do, but I thought I'd give some updates. First off, here is my knitwear illustration! I will be getting my knitwear photos up soon, my classmate friend Mallory brought a seamless paper roll and camera to the critique and shot everyone's looks! Check out her amazing knitwear design inspired by stained glass windows!

My knitwear design was inspired by the honeycomb made by bees. I wanted to interpret the honeycomb through both a graphic and a texture, with each playing off of the other. I chose to work with softer shapes and silhouettes to offset the rigid, harder structure of the honeycomb, and selected the color blue due to the bee's tri-color vision, blue being one of the only 3 colors they can see!

More details to come once I've got pictures! We have to scan in our sketchbooks for class so I will be posting that as well - so you will see more sketches, swatches, and general figuring-things-out in coming posts.

One last update, this summer I will be taking an entrepreneurial quarter to design a mini active wear collection. I am beyond excited! I will be posting regularly about that process as well.

Back to studying the hypothalamus.


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